Outdoor Side Covers

Outdoor Side Covers

Do you have an outside space that you love spending time in, but find you can’t when the weather gets too hot in the summer or too wet & windy in winter. This is a common problem given the climate we have in New Zealand, but there is a highly effective solution – outdoor blinds.

Outdoor blinds let you continue using your outside spaces as they give you the protection you need – blocking out the sun’s excessive heat, for example, or shielding you from the wind & rain. This lets you stay outside for longer.

Transform your outdoor space into your living space.

Please contact us at Space Transformers today to find out more about our outdoor blinds.


Benefits of Choosing Our Outdoor Blinds

  • Make your outside spaces comfortable, even in uncomfortable weather
  • We use high-quality, architectural grade blinds including, PVC Clear, Mesh & Spanish Fabric, PVC or fibreglass. This delivers optimal performance and ensures maximum durability.
  • Can be customised to whatever size you need
  • Enhance your privacy
  • Strong enough to handle high wind conditions
  • Motorised or manual options are available
  • Our prices are competitive, with options to suit all budgets

Plus, outdoor blinds look fantastic. To get a free, no obligation quote, please contact us on 0508 SPACE T/ 0508 (77223 8)


PergoSHUT – Plantation Shutters

Exterior Shutters provide a stunning yet functional outdoor solution for creating privacy, protecting your windows, and controlling sunlight and airflow into your home. Our range of options suits a variety of lifestyles and aesthetics.

Made from aluminium paneling and stainless-steel components, our Exterior Shutters are the ultimate in strength and weatherproofing. Style options include hinged, bi-fold, sliding and u-channel/fixed.


PergoGLASS – Sliding Glass

Glass provides total protection and all-round vision. The sliding glass doors slide smoothly and noiselessly, separating or opening indoor and outdoor spaces in homes, restaurants, hotels and shops. A “total glass” effect is achieved with sliding panels made of toughened glass, without perimeter profiles but with clear seals between the panels instead.

These wind-resistant large windows are entirely safe. They vary from 10 to 12 millimetres thick and slide on stainless steel parallel tracks thanks to two sliding frames. Highly resistant large glass windows: with a powder-coated aluminium frame. They are fitted with standard closing systems such as a round stainless steel knob or optionals such as an internal steel knob or an external smooth casing or lock with a key. The frames are available in a variety of coloured coatings.